MoD Productions

Ministry Of Drama

Established in 2007 MoD Productions is an all inclusive theatre production company that specialises in children’s theatre and workshops. Educational Theatre for all.

What We Do

Theatre Productions

Our theatre productions take place in a variety of unique venues and outdoor spaces across the country – from The Royal Gunpowder Mills to Westminster Abbey. We are always striving to make theatre accessible to everyone and that means not always performing in a traditional theatre. We also partner up with other organisations such as The National Archives and Thames Water to provide educational and historical drama productions.

Educational Workshops

We take learning through drama very seriously and all of our educational workshops are tried and tested before ever reaching the classroom. We have a wide range of subjects covered from Silly Science to Mental Health Workshops, From Shakespeare to WW1 and WW2 Solider’s and Nurses Workshops. See our dedicated page to find out more about the specific workshops we provide.

Parties and Events

Our parties and events are often bespoke to be able to meet the needs of our customers. If you have a party or event theme you would like us to develop a performance around just let us know or have a look through some of our past events and parties for inspiration.

What Our Audiences Say

One of the best workshops we have ever had. The year 3 students were using the mindfulness techniques in the classroom and showing them to their friends in other year groups.

― St John’s Primary School – Dorking

We have worked with MoD Productions since 2007. Their passion is infectious as they bring history to life.

― Peter Daniels – Westminster Archives

Think Horrible Histories – but crazier!

Davies Lane Primary School – London



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